Everyday outfit: Black Ginger Jeans, Striped Lark Tee

November 30, 2017

I’m always in need of basics, so I’m glad that I finally finished these black Ginger Jeans.

Lately, I have been making Gingers in a size 6 (my flares really helped me get a handle on my sizing). I decided to try shaving off a 1/4″ from the crotch to see if I could take out some extra-fabric-wrinkles that I get sometimes, and this worked out well. I’m happy to see that this change is also in the updated version of the pattern itself.  I tried the jeans on after basting them together and realized too late that this denim has less stretch in it than I was expecting–I could barely squeeze into them! Thankfully, those 5/8th seam allowances gave me the room I needed. I serged them together to create the narrowest seam allowance possible and ran an another seam just inside the serging, for added strength.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for a good, saturated black stretch denim for some time. This Marc Jacobs denim came from Mood and I’m very sorry to see that they are sold out because I would order ten more yards if I could. It’s dense and soft and practically perfect.

When I saw that I was out of denim hardware, I put this project aside and nearly forgot about it. Once the hardware arrived, I got the bag of rivets out of the package to see how they would look with the denim and promptly lost them in the Bermuda Triangle of Mess that is my sewing room. What started as a scavenger hunt for some tiny rivets led me to a three-day cleaning/organizing marathon (which I desperately needed to do). After the rivets were finally located (and celebrated on Instagram), I immediately installed them fearing I’d lose track of them again!

This was the first time that I’ve made the Lark Tee pattern from Grainline Studios. I opted to make the boat neck version out of this delightfully squishy, bamboo cotton from Blackbird Fabrics, which I discovered is pretty close to the fabric that Grainline used for their original samples. Unfortunately, I also discovered that I didn’t like the neckline of the front piece; it felt too scooped-out for me. So, in a quick and easy fix, I made the shirt from two back pieces, which gave me exactly what I was looking for. I was able to achieve some pretty epic stripe-matching on this shirt (through patience and many, many pins) culminating with some great design…in the armpits! This shirt feels relaxed, but not so relaxed that I couldn’t wear it to work. I’ve already got a few other Lark tees in various stages of completion, but this one went right into my clothing rotation.


Project: Black Denim Ginger Jeans

Total Cost: $60

Pattern: $16 (since I already own this pattern, I subtract this cost from my wardrobe updates)

Fabric: $32

Notions: $12

Fit: Size 6 with 1/4″ taken out of the front crotch length

Fabric country of origin: Italy

What to work on: keeping track of my supplies. Project bags, project bags, project bags!


Project: Lark Tee from Grainline Studio

Total Cost:$54

Pattern: $22

Fabric: $30


Fit: Size 6, made with two back pieces and 1 inch of length taken out of the upper chest.

Fabric Country of Origin: China



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