Welcome to my Handmade Wardrobe

August 1, 2016

fabric1What if you had to make everything in your wardrobe?

Where would you start?

Exploring the realities of creation and consumption, My Handmade Wardrobe is an experiment in which I will sew/knit/create an entire wardrobe from scratch, including such items as winter coats, bathing suits, jeans, bras, underwear, and accessories. The project will reveal the real work and effort required to create the things we wear every day, highlighting which garments are actually easy to create and which pose the greatest challenges.

The details:

  • Focusing on Indie designers
  • Using Canadian suppliers whenever possible
  • Creating exceptional items
  • Tracking time and cost and the practicalities of each make

Want more information? Please see my Contact page or find me on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (sewingerica).



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